Culture Wall Mural- Paypal:

I truly appreciated all your support throughout this project - your awesome attitude as well as art and organizational skills were impeccable. Because of your dedication and hard work, our culture mural was a grand success. From start to finish, you were an incredible partner to work with and we’ll be sure to sing your praises! Also, you were so amazing and accommodating to our every request! Additionally, I was very impressed with how you stayed on-task with such efficiency over the last two weeks - the wall looks fabulous and we will be able to cherish for many years to come. Again, I couldn't have done it without your commitment of time and energy to make this project come alive!

-- Jackie Terry at Paypal

I like to explore,
and paint nature, 
in particular
plants, flowers,
and trees.
I paint the patterns of flora and fauna. I use acrylics to experiment with nature’s bold colors. My art explores things like perspective and movement. more...
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Chandler Crosswalk Musical Ostrich

Musical Ostrich- The Downtown Chandler Crosswalk Art Project:

Dear Volunteers & Creative Partners ~ thank you so very much for coming out and participating in our public art project on Saturday!   I was touched that we had so many of you come out to help!   On a personal note, it was amazing to see the public's reaction to your work and the happiness that it evoked.   Thank you to the artists who put their heart and soul into the designs that truly emulate Downtown Chandler.   

A Facebook photo album has been created on our site:

Thanks Again, Beth Fiorenza, MPA
Executive Director
Downtown Chandler Community Partnership (DCCP)

fine and digital art by Chris Venema
chris venema
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Chandler Paypal
Lil Einsteins Academy

Whimsical Garden Mural- Lil’ Einsteins Academy:

I had a blast painting this mural at Lil’ Einsteins Academy.  I enjoyed collaborating on ideas with Lil’ Einsteins.  My inspiration came from many years of exploring nature and gardening.  It’s fun to find the whimsy gardens naturally bring.  I made everything oversize because I wanted to remember what it was like as a kid to explore a leaf or a bug for the first time, and I wanted to bring that same wonder to all ages. 

 -Chris Venema

Family advocacy center mural

Desert Mountain Mural - Family Advocacy Center:

I enjoyed volunteering and working with a large group of other artists at The Family Advocacy Center.   We came together and worked many hours to finish this large project.

 -Chris Venema

MEDIA: Acrylic Traffic Paint on Road

5ft. w x 21ft. h

year 2017

MEDIA: Acrylic on Wall

18ft. w x 6ft. h

year 2016

MEDIA: Acrylic on Wall

18ft. w x 12ft. h

year 2016

Total of 5 murals